Our Ministries

Adjutant Ministry:

Men and women anointed and appointed by God to personally assist Pastor Provo in fulfilling the vision God has given her. Other Adjutants assist with the needs of the congregation.

Athletic/Gym Ministry:

Inside/Outside curricular sports provided for our young men and women enabling them to mingle with the other areas of recreation in the community. We offer Open Gym on Thursday evenings. Call for more information.

Children & Teen Ministry:

 The Children’s Ministry provides a spiritual support to godly education featuring puppets, skits, games, and lively praise and worship. This ministry also includes the Little Angel’s Nursery and The King’s Kids. Teen Ministry provides guidance to youth, ages 11 – 17, as they learn to use their gifts and talents to serve in ministry. We organize activities to attend to the teens personal, social, and spiritual development. Teen church is held on the 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month.


Community Services:

 Provide services within the community as needed and necessary. As we minister the Word of God to them, we also assist them with their personal and natural needs.

Deaf Ministry:

 Provides sign language interpretation and to educate the hearing about the deaf by providing sign language classes and informational services.


Detention Home Ministry:

 Ministers to the teens who are confined to detention homes. Its purpose is to impact young people with Bible teaching, prayer, and exhortation to have a personal relationship with Christ.

Dream Again Ministry:

 This ministry is for those that are troubled, need our sympathy and encouragement. We are there to pass on to them the same help and comfort God has given to many of us.

dream again
drama 2

Drama Ministry:

 Provide human videos and drama through the performing arts.

Educational Ministry:

This ministry is Christ-centered, Bible based, and inspired by the Holy Spirit to teach and equip every believer to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to experience the principals of God’s kingdom.

new members

Hospitality Ministry:

This ministry provides an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance to the staff, members, and guest of StMark D.C. by extending loving gestures of hospitality to all. This ministry is dedicated to show expressions of love and give tributes of honor.

Homeless Ministry:

Cares for the homeless physically and spiritually and distributes food and clothing as the need arises.


Inreach/Outreach Ministry:

Visits the Nursing Home to provide encouragement and spiritual enlightenment to those who are shut in and unable to attend regular services.

Married Couples’ Fellowship:

Helps marriages of all ages to develop into rich and rewarding relationship God intended. Fellowship and seminars are provided for married couples. Leaders who share their vast knowledge and wisdom concerning Christian marriages conduct the seminars.

Men’s Fellowship:

Is a gathering of men for the purpose of prayer, fellowship, encouragement, and exhortation to become closer to God, their families and their fellow man.

Ministerial Department:

The Ministerial staff provides support to our Pastor in upholding and carrying out her vision and ministering to the needs of the saints.


Music and Arts Department:

The music ministry consists of psalmists, musicians, praise dancers and worship leaders who have dedicated their lives to ushering God’s people beyond the veil into the presence of God.

New Members Ministry

Its purpose is to welcome and nurture new members by providing information about church policies and procedures. Designed to help new members to get acquainted with the mission, vision and organizational structure of the church.

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Public Relations Department:

This ministry is responsible for our quarterly newsletter and to assist our Pastor in taking the gospel message beyond the church walls and into the world, through books, video and audiotapes.

Puppet Ministry:

Provide puppet shows and to spread the good news about Jesus Christ.


Security Department: 

This department ensures that all church attendees are ushered on and off the premises in a courteous, safe, and expeditious manner with professional order and that outside area is safe at all service times.

Seniors Ministry:

To encourage fellowship and strengthen the seniors (age 50+) as they continue to be an integral part of the ministry.

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Singles Ministry:

The Singles Ministry is a support group for those that are single, separated, and divorced. The singles meet on a monthly basis to fellowship in brotherly love and discuss issues that they face today.

Soul Winning Ministry:

Individuals trained through the Word of God to become “fishers of men” to win souls for Christ.

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min training

StMark Ministerial Training Institute:

Anointed classes are held to train all ministers to be effectively used by God in the area of their calling.
3801 Turnpike Road, Portsmouth Virginia